Flower Beds and Foundations

Have you ever wondered why people insist on planting flower beds around the exterior walls of their homes? Those flower beds do more than add curb appeal; they play an important role in protecting the foundation of your home.

In the South, it can get very hot and very dry in the summer. In periods of drought, soil can dry and shrink, especially in areas where the soil has high clay content like in Texas and the ArkLaTex. When that soil shrinks and expands, it can cause the foundation of your home to shift and crack.

Foundation repairs can be costly and inconvenient; but there is a way to help prevent cracks in your foundation: flower beds. The key to keeping the soil around and under your home from shrinking during dry spells is through regular watering. Follow these steps to prevent foundation cracks:

  1. Plant flower beds along the exterior walls of your home. However, be careful not to plant large trees too close to your home (they can also cause foundation problems).
  2. Regularly water the flowerbeds through the use of soaker hoses or drip lines (or an in-ground sprinkler system). These can be placed on timers for hassle-free watering.
  3. Keep a layer of mulch on your flower bed; the much will help retain moisture (and will keep out pesky weeds, too).

Following these steps will add curb appeal to your home and protect its foundation, so get planting!